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Showcasing 5 Projects

What the!!!!! - where have my files gone.

Data Backup For Cloud/On-premise

Ever lost or overwritten files and a search comes up with “File can’t be found” or is corrupt. The solution is here. Backup and restore.


MTwo Cloud Backup solution allows you to retrieve files from the cloud on a pre-determined retention base for all those files that have gone.


You need to keep your files local. MTwo appliance-based solutions will backup your data when connected to your network. 

VoIP - Phone solution

Cloud Based Phone Systems:

Copper networks are disappearing, and VoIP phones are now taking over. All you need is an internet connection and a VoIP phone connected to an exchange portal. 

On-Premise – Phone Systems:

For more control through a web interface, On-Premise solutions offer system configuration for ringing groups, customized answer phone and display settings, call redirect and much more.

Digital Office

Microsoft Office:

Is the office running on old and outdated MS Office software? The new industry standard is Office 365. The product is available as a Home or Business product. Many Apps will make the office run smoother and safer.


Business Office:

All the apps you work with and know are now updated regularly for security and functionality. 

Outlook: Offers exchange for your business email

Word: Word processor

Excel: Spreadsheets

Publisher: Book creation

Powerpoint: Slide base presentations

And much more.


Internet is one of the essential requirements for business today. Connecting the right plan is critical. For an audit on your business internet connection contact us.


Does your business want to be noticed? Part of the marketing plan will include a website. We recommend that sites are SEO and use keywords associated with your business. MTwo takes care of all aspects of a website. We recommend your Website is built in WordPress for easy editing, security and backup.