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Adsl/Vdsl is available to a lot of users that can not get or don’t want fibre and want to stay on the copper network. 

$ 89
00 Monthly
  • Basic Plan

Fibre 100

With 100 download and 30 upload, this plan is ideal for Business, WiFi, Internet of Things …

$ 105
  • Fibre 100


With 100 download and 100 upload, this plan is ideal for Business, Schools, WiFi, Internet of Things …  This is the recommended solution for Business

$ 135
  • Business Internet connections
  • Fast and stable

Broadband Setup, Installation and Configuration

MTwo will take care of the set-up and configure of all internet connection. We look after connections, routers, Internal networks and the security of the data network. If the connection fails, we are only a phone call away. 

$ 130
  • Onsite and romote support
  • Fast and stable