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Internet Connections - Find the plan that works for you!

Not all internet connections are made equal. MTwo internet is fast and reliable for all business types. Your business will be connected to the Enable fibre network. If a problem should occur our team will be able to help.


Plans Start from as little as


$ 89
/ Month - Unlimited Data
  • BYO Device Required


$ 105
/ Month - Unlimited Data
  • Easy Configuration
  • BYO Device Required


$ 135
/ Month - Unlimited Data
  • Easy Configuration
  • BYO Device Required
  • List Item



What Internet connection Do I need?

This is determined by the size of your business. To get it right contact us and we will advise on the best fit. 

What are the ongoing costs?

Call costs are available online at this link 

It is also available in your portal.


All internet connections need maintenance and will be carried out on a regular basis. You pay for what happens from the Dmark point into the building and the internet providers pays for what happens on the outside. MTwo can help with all of these issues.

What equipment do I need for my connection?

A fibre internet connection is best and full access to your router to configure your new phone system.

Can I supply my own router?

Yes, You can but not all routers will be compatible with the new connection. 

Can I get mtwo to do it all?

Yes. We start with a free meeting to discuss your needs.