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OH NO, Where have my files gone!!

Data Backups - Find the plan that works for you!

Are your machines backed up? This is a common question asked by IT technicians, and the answer is often uncertain. However, our backup solutions are designed to address this uncertainty. They are automated and provide a secure environment for data backups. Additionally, our backup system features a user-friendly management interface that simplifies the configuration process.

MTwo cloud backup and restore solutions

cloud backup

Cloud Backups

Backups are critical for maintaining a secure and reliable IT system. At MTwo, we understand the importance of data restoration in a business IT environment, and our approach involves three key points. Firstly, we utilize cloud backup solutions to ensure data redundancy and accessibility. This allows for seamless recovery in case of hardware failures or other emergencies.

Secondly, we employ local hardware backups to provide an additional layer of protection. These local backups can be quickly accessed and restored, minimizing downtime in the event of data loss or system failure.

Lastly, we emphasize the use of portable drives for backups. These portable drives offer a convenient and portable method of storing critical data. They can be easily disconnected and stored in a secure location, safeguarding against data breaches or unauthorized access.

It’s important to note that we strongly recommend backing up all data, including cloud applications. While cloud apps may seem secure, they can still experience failures, accounts can be compromised, email data can be lost, and files can be damaged by ransomware. With the increasing number of intrusions and security threats, it is crucial to have a comprehensive backup strategy in place to protect your systems effectively.

At MTwo, we prioritize the implementation of robust backup solutions to ensure the safety and availability of your valuable data.

Customising Your Backup Is Easy

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Business Grade Data Backup

cloud backup

World’s Most Secure, fast and reliable versioned backup

MTwo Cloud Backup

Get peace of mind knowing your files are backed up securely in the cloud. Back up your Mac or PC.

Business Grade Pricing

Plans Start from as little as

Cloud backup plan

$ 20 / Per month
  • 25GB Cloud plan
  • Back end access to storage platform
  • Self setup
  • Online documentation

SoHo Business Pack

$ 39 / Per month
  • 50GB cloud plan
  • Back end access to storage platform
  • MTwo Remote setup
  • self-administer
  • Email notification tested

platinum Pack

$ 75 / Per month
  • 100GB cloud storage
  • Back end access to the storage platform
  • MTwo remote setup
  • self-administer
  • System tested on install

local appliance Backup

$ 1500 Upfront plus monthly backup data charges
  • Setup MTwo CloudBackup Bank (appliance) for your Business
  • Setup cloud
  • Install all required hardware
  • System maintenance and test backup
  • Full accounts breakdown via web portal


Do I need Data backup?

Yes. To stay safe and secure, we recommended that data is backed up. There are many different ways to do this, from a copy of the data to fully encrypted off-site and secured. Contact us to find out more.

What is best, Cloud or onsite?

We use a mix of both. This depends on the situation and location.


We will show you how to run the Backup system. There are video clips on our website in your portal, and documentation is also available. We also offer a maintenance contract.

Do i need for a good internet connection?

A fibre internet connection is best but not essential, and full access to your router to configure the cloud backup; if your connection is a little slower, the system will still work. It will just take longer.

Can i see what is being backed up?

Yes, You have full control over your backup plan. 

Things to remember

A backup is not a backup till the backup is secured and separated off-site.  Restores should also be checked from time to time.

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