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MTwo Introduces
A New Phone Platform

VoIP has come a long way, all made possible with fibre connections. A legacy system connects to the copper network, and you can make and receive calls. With VoIP, we can do that and so much more relating to other desk phones, mobile phones, and computers, and you can take your number anywhere there is an internet connection. All this can be done through our new portal.  


MTwo – Cloud solutions for business

MTwo – Cloud Solutions For Business The I.T. cloud is no longer ruled by the wild west operators and has a very high level of trust. With the advent of Fibre in New Zealand and around the world, we are more reliant than ever on


Cloud Backup

MTwo Digital Cloud Tips, Tricks and News MTwo tips and tricks for Digital Cloud Computing with the latest and newest from around the world. Backup ALL Your Devices We’ve got all your devices covered including tablets and mobile. Wall Street Journal calls it “The most