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VoIP Phones - Find the plan that works for you!

Upgrade your voice communications with the leading edge phone system. system from 1 to 100 phones. Internet based with ease of configuration by our tech's or yourself.


Plans Start from as little as

single landline Plan

$ 35
/ Per month plus call costs
  • Single number
  • A Phone (SIP-T31G)
  • Transfer your number or New number
  • Plus Call costs

SoHo Business Pack

$ 65
/ Per month Plus Call costs
  • 3 Phones (SIP-T31G)
  • Transfer your number
  • Delivered on site
  • Full Cloud PBX
  • Easy Configuration

3cx Plan

$ 1500 From Plus monthly Costs
  • Setup 3cx for your Business
  • Tranfer your business number
  • Install all required Hardware
  • System Maintenance
  • Full accounts breakdown Via web portal

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone system is fully customizable and unique to everyone’s situation. Contact us if you need any help or have any questions.


What phone system is good for me?

This is determined by the size of your business. To get it right contact us and we will advise on the best fit. 

What are the call costs?

Call costs are available online at this link 

It is also available in your portal.


All phone systems need maintenance and will be carried out on a regular basis. Cloud system will be serviced remotely and the 3CX system have a maintenance program attach to them.

What do i need for a good phone connection?

A fibre internet connection is best and full access to your router to configure for you new phone system.

Can i make international calls?

Yes, you have full control over your calling plan. 

Does the new phone system use the copper network?

No. The copper network is being phased out.