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Take Your Bussiness's Office Anywhere.

I.T. Office Cloud Solutions

The cloud offers solutions for your business's office. We take these technology's to set up your office anywhere there is internet.

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The office is now more mobile than ever

It’s a fact – businesses that get good secure I.T. systems to have less management stress and higher productivity. MTwo and PC Service Centre have formulated solutions to achieve the business goals with strong I.T. Solutions for remote office connectivity.


MTwo will meet you and discuss the requirements to get the remote office up and running to what your business needs are.


The plan will have hardware components attached. MTwo will procure for all leading manufactures and suppliers the required components.


Software is key to run your business profitably. We work with all software vendors to achieve a strong and reliable outcome for you and your business.

Office 365

Office Software - Microsoft 365 and Office 2021

Your modernized Office

Create content, stay organized, and work together with updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other apps in Office 2021.

Organize your work and life

Efficiently manage your messages, appointments, contacts, and tasks in one place. Easily stay on top of meetings, deadlines, and family time, too.

Track and organize effortlessly

Use fewer and more robust formulas to build spreadsheets that update as information changes quickly. Find data fast with improved navigation features and search functions.

Work together seamlessly

Easily share files and get notified when others make edits or mention you in comments and quickly catch up on what’s changed every time you open a document.2 Improved performance features help your system run faster, and new autosave2 means you’ll never lose your work again.

Brick and Morter Office

businesses like yours

The Office

I.T is the backbone of the office. Office morale is higher, and productivity is higher with sound I.T systems. With cloud solutions becoming faster and more secure, our systems are replicated everywhere. Bricks and mortar offices are required for staff collaboration, meetings, I.T systems etc. MTwo, in conjunction with PC Service Centre, will be there to help your business grow

Remote Office

Remote Office Plan

The first step to creating a stable, secure, productive solution is to create a plan asking questions like “What is the end goal we are trying to achieve”, “What budget are we aiming for”, “Timeline for implementation”, and more. MTwo will arrange a meeting to discuss with you all the options.

home office

Mobile Office Hardware

Most mobile offices have a centralised point at home or in a brick and mortar building. This is used for the primary internet connection and backup centralisation. It is awesome to have all your data on the go, but making sure that your data stays your data is important, and being able to recover from a catastrophic failure is a must. MTwo will set up a plan to supply and configure all the required hardware and test the solution.

Data Breach

Mobile Security

On the go can have some security problems. We recommend that when a machine is connected to the internet, it is connected through a VPN to the home/brick and mortar office that is controlled by a firewall router. This helps stop intrusions, a man in the middle attacks, virus and malware attacks as well as data theft.

Office 365

Mobile Software

Software is what makes everything run. We work with all software vendors to create a solution that fits your business goals. Solutions like Microsoft Office for email, Word, Excel and more. Xero for accounting solutions. MTwo create websites for customized job flow websites to control jobs. 

Fortigate Firewall

One of the most advanced firewalls out there. Coupled with Fortinetconnect, offers stability and state of the art protection.

Eset internet security mobile office

Internet Protection

Mobile data security starts with an antivirus, malware protection to stop the bugs from attacking your data. Eset Internet Security for all operating systems


Job control, calendaring, reports, job tracking, all setup configured for your business and hosted on our server or yours.