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Is Your Business Being Held Back due to lost calls because your phone system is not set up for your business?

Poor configuration?

Backups not being checked or reported on?

Want to get calls diverted to your cell?

would like to recieve voice messages via email?

Have the right names on the Hand sets?

Just want it to work?

The Ideal Phone System For Your Business

  • When someone calls, the phone rings. Mtwo will install and configure the phone system to allow calls to go to the phones that you have designated.
  • The wrong phones ring and are out of order?
  • Someone else has to pick up the phone when it should have gone to the receptionist.
  • The name on the phone says one person, and it’s on someone else’s desk
These configuration errors are to overcome when using VoIP systems; often we can do this remotely, and you won’t even see us.

Who are VOIP IP phone systems designed for?




Small businesses



Tech companies

Service-based companies


...and more!

Start ups

VoIP phone systems are designed to take advantage of the internet. The legacy copper network is in the process of being replaced with Fibre circuits that allow for faster connections. VoIP runs across these networks with voice and video to take advantage of new hardware phones and allows a new form of flexibility to the end user. If you shift the phones and phone system can come with you to your new premises.

M-Two installs VoIP phone systems in small and large business and has a plan to suit. All we need is a stable VDSL or Fibre connection.

Cloud Based VoIP phone systems:

M-Two provides a Managed Cloud Exchange for business’s that moves often or has less than 4 Users and doesn’t need the complexity of an exchange onsite. We install the phone/phones and connect them to the Digital Exchange.

If you have existing analogue phones and want to use them, with some additional hardware which we can supply/configure we can connect this to the cloud exchange.

For a multi-site business such as retail store chain, we can connect the business’s and have free calling between sites, easy Transferring, mailboxes and provide all of this with easy monthly billing.

3CX Locally hosted Exchange.

3CX exchange can be installed in a central location within a network and all calls will be routed through the system.

3CX is a web /GUI based which allows easy configuration, fine-tuning and maintenance to be carried out.

There is minimal phone cabling to be done. we use the existing internet structured cabling, WIFI or DECT (wireless phones)

The system is fully scalable, Just add more to the network and increase the simultaneous call plan if required.

What is My Investment?

This depends on the solution required.

We have setup a brief outline of the costs of hardware and services:

  • Phones
  • 3cX phone server
  • Wiring (If required) in most cases the phone can be run from the computer internet cable
  • Router (If required)
  • number of connections (VoIP doesn’t use lines)
  • Phone number porting
  • Fax and Alarms


3cX Systems (also add the monthly component)

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Phones are like all equipment; They are very reliable, and occasionally they fail, When there is an issue its a call or email to mtwo. We will check the line and connections for any problems with the network. If there is a problem with the network and we will advise on the outage and resolve ASAP. Sometimes the problem is on your side of the demark point (the business connection point) and will require a technician to come onsite.  Click to read more

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