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Who are VOIP IP phone systems designed for?

VoIP phone systems are designed to take advantage of the internet. The legacy copper network is being replaced with Fibre circuits that allow for faster connections. VoIP runs across these networks with voice and video to take advantage of new hardware phones and allow a new form of flexibility to the end user. If you shift the phones and phone system can come with you to your new premises. need a new extension, it can be added. Need an IVR setup or not, it can be done. M-Two install VoIP phone systems in small and large businnes and have a plan to suit. All we need is a VDSL or Fibre connection.

Cloud Based VoIP phone systems:

M-Two managed Cloud Exchange is used if the business moves often or has less than 4 Users and doesn’t need the complexity of an exchange onsite. We install the phone/phones and connect them to the Digital Exchange.

If you have existing analogue hardware, with some additional hardware which we can supply/configure we can connect this to the cloud exchange.

For a multi-site business such as retail store chain, we can connect the business’s and have free calling between sites, easy Transferring, mailboxes and easy billing.

3CX Locally hosted Exchange.

3CX exchange can be installed in a central location within a network and all calls will be routed through the system.

3CX is a web /GUI based which allows easy configuration, fine-tuning and maintenance to be carried out.

There is minimal phone cabling to be done. we use the existing internet structured cabling, WIFI or DECT (wireless phones)

The system is fully scalable, Just add more to the network and increase the simultaneous call plan if required.

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