VoIP Call Features User and Reference Guide


VoIP, the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, is a

method for making telephone calls without using the

traditional copper switched lined network, or plain old

telephone system.

Rather than have completely separate systems and

communications infrastructure for providing telephone and

network services, VoIP provides your telephone service on

essentially the same network as your internet connection.

Where our service differs from most traditional VoIP

providers is that we ensure Quality of Service (QoS) from

your end of the connection, all the way to the next provider,

ensuring that congestion from your Internet connection

does not impact your calls.*1

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Standard Features

The current standard feature set for the service is as


1. Standard any time calling

2. Online Voice Mail Service

3. Call Forwarding or Redirection

Voice Mail

The online voice mail service is your online answering machine.

Whenever you can’t answer the call your Voice Mail service will

answer. Callers can be presented with either a busy, or unavailable

greeting then leave a message in your voice mail folder.

Using the Voice Mail service is easy. Simply listen to the voice

prompts and follow the instructions by pressing the keys on your

phone. If at any time you’re unsure of what to do, simply press the

* key.

Voice Mail Greetings

A greeting is a short message that plays before the caller is allowed

to record a message. The greeting is intended to let the caller know

that you are not able to answer their call. The greeting can also be

used to convey other information like when you will be available or

other methods to contact you.

You may record personalised greetings for Busy or Unavailable

options, or simply record your name to have a generic “<Your

Name> is unavailable, please leave a message” greeting play.

Voice Mail Folders

The Voice Mail Service includes 5 Pre-set mailbox folders in which

you can save recorded messages that have been left for you. When

you choose to save a voicemail message you will be presented with

the available folder that the message can be saved into for review

at a later date.

By default when a caller leaves a message for you, this will be

saved into the “New Messages” Folder. When you log into your

Voice Mail, the New Messages folder will be the default folder used.

Welcome to your VoIP

Phone Service

Voice Mail Usage Guide

1. To access the Voice Mail Service dial *98 from your


2. Enter your Voice Mail Password when prompted.

3. Listen to the options or follow this quick reference guide

Voice Mail Quick Reference

Main Menu

The Main Menu will be the first Voice Menu presented once you

have logged into the Voice Mail Service.

· 1” – Listen to new messages

· 2” – Change Folders to access stored messages

· 3” – Access Advanced Options

· 0” – Access Mailbox Options

· *” – Repeat the Menu Options

· #” – Exit

Listening to new messages

The first new message will start to play automatically. During

playback the following options are available:

· *” – Rewind the message by 3 seconds

· 0” – Pause/Resume playback of the message

· 1” – Replay the 1st message in the folder

· 4” – Go to the previous message in the folder (if


· 5” – Repeat the current message

· 6” – Go to the next message in the folder (if available)

· 7” – Delete (or Undelete) the message. (Undelete only

applies to the current session)

· 8” – Forward the message (not available)

· 9” – Save the message into a folder of your choice.

Change Folders

· 0” – Change to New messages folder

· 1” – Change to Old messages folder

· 2” – Change to Work messages folder

· 3” – Change to Family messages folder

· 4” – Change to Friends messages folder

Advanced Options in Main Menu

This feature is disabled.

Mailbox Options in Main Menu

· 1” – Record your Unavailable message

· 2” – Record your Busy message

· 3” – Record your Name

· 4” – Record a Temporary Greeting

· 5” – Change your Voice Mail Password

Recording an Unavailable Message

· Press # to end the recording. (If you want to record just

one greeting, record the unavailable greeting, as it is used

most often.)

· After recording, press 1 to Accept, 2 to Review, or 3 to Rerecord.

Recording a Busy Message

· Press # to end the recording.

· After recording, press 1 to Accept, 2 to Review, or 3 to Rerecord.

Recording your Greeting Name

· Press # to end the recording.

· After recording, press 1 to Accept, 2 to Review, or 3 to Rerecord.

Recording a Temporary Greeting

Once set, a Temporary Greeting will over-ride any other pre-set

messages or greetings.

· Log into your mailbox, then press 0, 4 for the temporary

greeting, then record your greeting, and press # to end

the recording.

· After recording, press 1 to Accept, 2 to Review, or 3 to Rerecord.

You will hear a confirmation that the temporary

message is in place.

Change or Erase a Temporary Greeting

· Press “0” for Mailbox Options

· Press “4” for the Temporary Greeting

· Press “1” to record or re-record the Temporary Greeting


· Press “2” to erase the Temporary Greeting

Call Forwarding Quick Reference

To set up Call Forwarding;

· Dial *21*<destination_phone_number> where the

<destination_phone_number> is the number you want to

redirect all calls to.

To disable Call forwarding;

· Dial **21 to cancel an existing Call Forward.

* Note: Call forwarding may incur additional charges

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