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What is VoIP

VoIP  (voice over internet protocol) has been developed because the copper network is going being decommissioned over the next few years. the system works over the internet and works best over a fibre connection but is not limited to fibre and will work over VDSL or ADSL

Is VoIP for me?

Yes, We have installed the solution in all types of businesses. Retail, Office, Warehouse, Yards and the list goes on. The only components that we need is an internet connection.  also, see out VoIP page To explore more

VoIP Maintenance

Phones are like all equipment; They are very reliable, and occasionally they fail, When there is an issue its a call or email to mtwo. We will check the line and connections for any problems with the network. If there is a problem with the network and we will advise on the outage and resolve ASAP. Sometimes the problem is on your side of the demark point (the business connection point) and will require a technician to come onsite. MTWO will charge this at normal brake fix rates if no contracts are in place. When a configuration change needs to be made, we will log onto the system (with your consent) and make the appropriate changes to the software, remote charges apply.

VoIP remote charges

Can mtwo configure my VoIP system remotely? Yes

We install all our systems with a remote portal so we can access the system and make configuration changes at your request.  This is charged for in 15minute increments at current rates.

Data Backup

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Managed Email

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