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Fibre is here!

MTWO’s fibre connections are now available to thousands of Christchurch homes and businesses and our coverage area are increasing every day.

Enjoy high-quality video calls, new entertainment options and download and upload content much faster. Plus, more people in your house can all be online at once – all for about the same price each month as your current service!



MTWO VDSL uses your existing phone line but does some clever things to pump up the speeds. Who should get VDSL? Anyone that can’t get fibre who streams Hi-Def Video, likes

Who should get VDSL? Anyone that can’t get fibre who streams Hi-Def Video, likes gaming or has a house-load of people all connecting to the web at the same time. There’s minimal installation required, so getting up and running is straightforward, we’ll send you out a modem, and you plug it in. If you are getting frustrated with Standard Broadband, then definitely take a look at VDSL.



Why Choose ADSL?

MTWO ADSL is the good old broadband Kiwis know and love. If you just need good quality broadband and a home phone line then this is for you. We’ll supply you with a premium quality wireless modem and get you connected with minimal fuss.

To find out more about getting your Broadband connected and what is available in your area give us a call!

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The Fibre Install Process

Once we receive your request for broadband, we will confirm that broadband is available at your specific location. If this is successful, the connection is ordered, and Enable will connect the service.

We will come onsite and set up the internet for you and connect your computers, WiFi, printers, Mobile devices if this is required.

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